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Go Futuristic for Summer 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

By: Oura Miyazaki

As we enter May, we are approaching summer like the ocean waves. Sunglasses are essential for the glistening days ahead. This summer, consider pursuing a futuristic look that celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Rihanna, have already been loving.

Simple Black in Different Shapes

Futuristic looks can be created simply by tweaking the shapes of conventional black sunglasses. Some may dominate the surface of your face while others cover only a small fraction of your eyes. In any case, purchasing sunglasses with fun geometry will give you that crisp, technological look.


The narrow shapes enhance the sharpness of your looks. They can add a chic spice to your summer fashion.


The wider sunglasses will assert your boldness. They can tie off your summer looks with simplicity and dramaticism.

Streetstyle Examples from NYFW 2022:

These two influencers are rocking their black futuristic sunglasses with their particular styles. Chriselle Lim tops off her chic black & white attire with wide black shades. Miki a la Mode elegantly ties her dashing pink monochrome style with the elongation of her horizontal sunglasses.

Fun Outlines

Bold outlines can teleport your look to the future. These sunglasses elevate the space-like essence that features you as the next avant-garde star.

Kim Kardashian brings these space sunglasses to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Her aqua blue dress is powered by the silver/white outline of her sunglasses. What a cool way to particularize a party look!

Bella Hadid uniquely couples a vintage-like scarf with very radical sunglasses that is embodied by a turquoise/emerald green outline. This look is a perfect inspiration for someone who enjoys different eras of fashion.

Streetstyle Inspirations from NYFW 2022:

These two influencers embellished their chic street styles with cutting-edge sunglasses. Whitney Whitaker dons futuristic sunglasses with bold white outlines, adding a pop of brightness to her outfit’s smoky color palette. Leonie Hanne links the green outlines of her space sunglasses with her gorgeous green purse, establishing a breathtaking harmony on top of her simple, black attire.

Cosmic Color Schemes

The last option for fun, futuristic eyewear is to explore cosmic colors that depart from the common neutral palette. Consider neon green, electrifying yellow, or pastel peach to convert your look into something out of the ordinary.

Rihanna x Dior: Star Trek Inspired:

Rihanna’s eyewear collaboration with Dior explores the spacey color palette. Rihanna was ahead of her time, releasing this collection nearly six years ago. Though her products are unbelievably high-end and are probably no longer on sale, they can be your shopping advice for this summer.

Prepare for this summer by looking into some futuristic eyewear that will spotlight your styles. Share your discoveries with Fashion and Retail by tagging us on Instagram @bufashionandretail!

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