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Stand Out Pieces You Need Spring/Summer 2022

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

By: Emily Ho

To prepare for the warmer upcoming seasons of fashion, I thought it was only appropriate to do an update on popular trends I have been noticing everywhere. Let’s get straight to it.


Up first are clog-like shoes. This one might be a shocker, but I think these shoes are more wearable and more versatile than you might think. This trend does not just include traditional clogs, but also variations such as slippers, platforms, Boston Birks, and Clark Wallabees. The basic idea behind this trend is the “casual” effortless look. It is the slide this on and go vibe while looking chic and being comfortable.

Maxi & Midi Skirts (especially denim)

Maxi and midi skirts are so in, especially for spring and summer. They are easy to throw on and go and will keep you cooler in the warmer months. These skirts have always been popular but to mix it up, you can try the denim maxi skirt. Denim maxi skirts are making their comeback, can you believe? I remember wearing these in elementary school so it’s giving a bit of nostalgia. Like the clogs, denim maxi skirts are more wearable than you might initially think. These skirts can look really cool and off-duty-esque if you buy the right cut and wash. If you’re interested in rocking this skirt, I suggest buying one with a straight fit because I found it to be the most flattering to the silhouette and gives a more modern look. The ones with a side slit are also very flattering because it allows for movement. With longer denim skirts, keeping it simple is the way to go. Throw on a basic tee or tank, some boots or sneakers and you’re good to go. They are easy to thrift too!

Varsity & Motorcycle Jackets

I am a big fan of these jackets and noticed them being styled more this season. Varsity jackets have always been somewhat popular in the last couple years, but I have been seeing the leather version all over my feed and IRL. The motorcycle style has been popping up more too. Adding a unique jacket, like these ones, to a simple outfit takes your look to the next level and creates interest in your fit – a great investment piece.

Brown Leather Jackets + Boots + Loafers

Black leather has always been a staple, especially in the last few years. But more recently, I have started to see brown leather being styled and worn. Brown leather is the softer and warmer version of black leather. I think it is a great piece to add into your wardrobe for this spring season. My favorite brown leather pieces are bomber jackets, loafers, and boots. If you’re looking to incorporate these items into your looks, I suggest searching second hand. Secondhand leather will be higher quality and the selection tends to be greater and, therefore, more unique.

Loose Knits + Mohair

Crochet and knits have been a massive trend over the past year. More recently, I’ve noticed mohair and looser knits start to pop up a lot in my feed. I think these pieces are super fun and add interesting texture, giving an almost unraveling effect when worn. I can really see mohair and looser knits being popular for the spring and summer in forms such as coverups and crop tops.

Parachute & Cargo Pants & Skirts

The baggy parachute and cargo pant and skirt trend have been making their way around the fashion world this season. I think these pieces are so popular because of their versatility – you can dress ‘em up and down, and they pair with almost anything. It gives a very streetstyle and utilitarian look, and are the perfect pant/skirt for transitioning into spring, still breathable but will keep your legs warmer on those cooler days.

Corsets, Tube Tops, & Cut Outs

In terms of tops, I have noticed a lot of dressier but still versatile tops such as the tube tops from Orseund Iris and Djerf Avenue, cutout layering tops from Nii HAi and Musier Paris, and corset tops from Miaou. These are all great staple pieces to have in your wardrobe, especially if you buy one in a neutral color.

Low rise pant - long top

The lower rise pant with a longer top look is back and gaining popularity. This look can be recognized as the “Elena Gilbert” fit, as she wore this trend throughout the show. I know the low-rise pant is not favorable amongst everyone, but I think by adding the longer top, the look is more wearable and flattering, helping to elongate the body. If you want to swap your high waisted pant and crop top look for something new, the lower rise pant and long top trend is definitely one to try out.


Headphones are everywhere. First it was the comeback of wired headphones, now it’s the over the ear headphones. This item has always been a staple for some, but I have noticed them more over the past couple months. They are the most practical accessory right now. I have been loving the space age (e.g. Bose and Apple) and the retro looking ones.

Adidas Superstar & Samba Sneakers

I remember Adidas Superstars being the biggest shoe trend in middle school, and now they are back in full force. Both the Adidas Superstar and Samba sneakers are having a serious moment right now and can be recognized as the most worn streetstyle shoe this season. I love the casual, effortless look they give any outfit. These sneakers have clearly proven to be a timeless staple.

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