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Accessories to Buy This Spring

By: Katrynah Broer

During this season I feel that most people, myself included, get too excited about the new clothing pieces they want to buy and tend to forget about accessories. We tend to neglect new handbags, shoes, sunglasses–all of which can add to the overall outfit and may even be what it’s missing. Here’s a guide to some accessories that I think would be a great addition this Spring and on.

The first accessory that can always add to an outfit is a handbag; During the spring we’re trying out new colors and patterns, all of which reflect the happiness brought on by the warmer weather. Everyone has their own taste so make sure your purchases reflect you while also branching out.

This spring and summer I think that bright, vibrant colors will be the way to change things up in your handbag collection. Recently I’ve noticed that beaded bags are gaining some traction and will definitely be on trend for the upcoming seasons. This bag from STAUD is a perfect example of trying something new that isn’t too loud and still is a reflection of the individual's style.

Along with this bag there are always our trusted handbags and shapes we like–baguette bags, saddle bags, hobo bags, cross-body bags, and shoulder bags–if you have a favorite style and want to switch things up, now is the time to try new colors! Here are some colors of the classic styles that may catch your eye and be something you incorporate into your collection:

The next accessory would have to be finding the perfect shoe! This spring and summer we are sure to see more platform sandals, kitten heels, clogs, cowboy boots, and tons of sneakers. With such a wide range of types of shoes to buy for any occasion, you are sure to have no issue determining what to buy with this season. If you’re looking to find a new pair of any of these shoes look no further, here are some styles that I believe will become a staple in your closet.

The last accessory that I always believe that can be added to any outfit are sunglasses. Finding those perfect frames that fit your face and make you feel confident is the most important aspect in the decision making process. If you’re unsure of what may look good on I always recommend going for a square or rectangular shape, squoval, or round, but remember at the end of the day what you feel best in is always the best option. Unsure of where to start your search? Here are a few frames and colored lenses that I have been loving so far.

Adding a variety of any of these three accessories will definitely help you complete your outfits this spring and summer. Just like creating a capsule closet is essential, so is creating a great collection of accessories, happy shopping!

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