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Our Projects

As a professional fashion club, F&R focuses on creating opportunities for students to express their creative vision and gain insight in the industry through various projects.


F&R Fashion Show 

Since its founding, the Fashion and Retail Association has hosted an annual Fashion Show featuring work from student designers, models, makeup, and hair artists, and executed by our event planning team.

Our upcoming Spring 2022 Fashion Show will take place on the evening of April 16th, 2022. The show, entitled, “In the Shadow of the Street Lamp,” will feature designs inspired by the aura of film noir suspense and mystery as seen in the short film trailer for the show created this Fall.

F&R Gala 

This year, F&R hosted its very First Annual Gala, modeled after the fashion event of the year, The MET Gala! Our theme was "Be You (BU)," which encouraged guests to dress in a way that expresses their most fashionable self! At the Gala, F&R premiered our Spring 2021 Fashion Show: Live In Technicolor, which featured three designers' journeys to create pieces during the COVID-19 pandemic.


F&R Documentary

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, F&R couldn't host an in-person fashion show, so the F&R Documentary was created to showcase what the members and designers were working on during the pandemic. The documentary follows three designers as they create pieces and work together with their teams for F&R's Annual Fashion Show in 2022.

F&R Magazine 

The F&R Magazine is dedicated to bringing creative individuals together through unique, hands-on photoshoots and content creation. Members of the team can participate in a number of roles to  express their visionary, such as photographer, videographer, model, makeup/hair stylist, writer, graphic designer, editor, and creative director. Participants are able to use the content on their social media platforms and portfolios, but the final products are assembled into a  printed magazine that will be shared with all club  members.

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F&R Blog 

The F&R Blog creates a platform for students to write articles about all things fashion from upcoming trends to sustainable fashion practices. Writing for the blog is a great way for club members to gain experience in fashion media research and offer the BU community an online fashion magazine.

F&R Speaker Series 

As a professional organization, F&R strives to educate members on professional opportunities and diverse career paths within the fashion and retail industries. In Fall 2020, we launched the Speaker Series, a virtual series of live zoom sessions where members can connect with leaders across the industry. Previously, we have had the privilege of hosting the following professionals: Mona May, Alexandre Birman, Jessie Randall, Kobi Halperin, Alexandre Birman, and Alexandra O’Neill!

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