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F&R Spring Favorites

By: Katrynah Broer

When figuring out what to wear during this wishy washy season the biggest factor I prioritize is comfort and ease. You never want to be wearing something that you don’t feel confident in. I like to keep things simple that can be elevated by throwing on certain accessories, jackets, or shoes; this gives you the chance to have completely customizable outfits based on what you want to go for on that day. Take advantage of this new season to really experiment with new clothing options as well–new cuts, patterns, colors, or fabrics are all good ways to expand your wardrobe and find your spring style.

Everything that I’m loving this spring are linen sets–both short and long, midi dresses and skirts, athleisure, rompers and jumpsuits, and crochet everything. Layering with button ups of any color doubles as a piece to keep you warm in case the weather changes as well as something to elevate your outfit. For any outfit inspiration I always recommend Pinterest, but here are some of my current favorite outfit inspirations:

Again, like any outfit you want to wear something that you feel empowered in–staying fashionable all while being comfortable and confident is something that should always be considered when planning out an outfit. The spring season to me is one of transitions–it's a new period to try something new, whether it be a new style, bold colors, or anything outside of your comfort zone. This season allows you to explore and expand your wardrobe entirely and may even help you with your summer wardrobe. If you’re unsure of what to wear this Spring I highly suggest trying something new and broadening your style, but remember to buy versatile pieces that you could wear forever to get the most bang for your buck.

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