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Bridgerton x Summer Fashion

By: Julianna Tramposch

Bridgerton, the Netflix regency romance series, just came out with their second season on March 25th 2022. The new season has inspired spring fashion that aligns with the Bridgerton aesthetic. Think elegance, flowers, and whimsical clothing.

Alice + Olivia

This designer women’s fashion brand made by Stacy Bendent is all about flirty, feminine, and whimsical style. Their clothing would fit perfectly in Bridgerton. They are known for their puffy sleeves, long sundresses, ruffles, and floral patterns.


This is a contemporary boutique located on Newbury Street. Cattivo carries many Bridgerton-esque brands such as Love Shack Fancy. This boutique is centered around a love for culture, art, music, beauty, and the unbridled spirit of femininity.


Anthropologie’s spring wardrobe has a very big collection of puff sleeves and floral patterns. It’s aesthetic is a little more mature than Cattivo and Alice + Olivia, yet still fits in perfectly with Bridgerton’s costume wardrobe. Anthropologie has a lot of neutral and softer colors as opposed to vibrant ones.


While this is not a clothing store, this accessory is definitely going to be featured accessory this summer. You can style a corset with jeans or a skirt.


Like corsets, gloves are an essential accessory in Bridgerton. Gloves are worn for fancier events such as a Gala or a Ball, and they are not just for the winter. In summer, lace or mesh gloves are the most appropriate.

Feminine and glamorous, this new Bridgerton inspired aesthetic is sure to make its debut in many women’s fashion brands for this summer.

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