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Finding the Perfect Formal Dress: an F&R Guide

By: Lilly Katherine Kays

As final projects and presentation due dates approach, that can only mean one thing…

Formal is right around the corner (and so is our Fashion Show)!

The Fashion & Retail Association is your one stop shop to find all the dress inspo you need for your social event calendar! I have included some of my favorite formal dress sites as well as my top picks from each one. I think each website brings a different style to the table, so hopefully this article helps you find the best place to shop! Just remember, your taste in fashion should reflect who you already are. Don’t feel like you have to pick your formal dress based on what everyone else is wearing. Pick a dress that is unique to you and your style!

So without further adieu, I hope this article sends you shopping in the right direction – or if I’ve done my job right, sends you straight to Add to Cart.

Revolve - the website for the trendy friend

Revolve is tried and true. Their bright colors and accessibility to a bunch of different brands is unbeatable. The shipping is fast and the customer service is impeccable. Here are a few of my favorites from Revolve.

ASOS - The website for the spunky friend

ASOS is perfect if you want to branch out and find something that is unique and different. Every time I have worn something from ASOS, I’ve never seen someone with something else similar. That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have classic, affordable options, but when I wear ASOS, I’m going for something fun and energetic.

Princess Polly - The website for the edgy friend

Princess Polly is perfect for the friend who wants to be classic but also edgy. Their dresses are also versatile so you can wear it straight from formal to going out. Also, there’s always someone on TikTok with a 10% off code, so make sure to take advantage of that influencer marketing!

Fashion Pass - The website for the socially sustainable friend

Fashion Pass is a clothing rental site! I have been using Fashion Pass for a year now and I love how I can get all the Revolve looks for less. They carry brands such as For Love & Lemons, Amanda Uprichard, MIKPINK, and many more. You pay a monthly fee and can rent three items at a time, but you can swap your items for new ones as many times as you want! Here are some of the dresses they have available right now! You can also use my code LILLY1L to get $15 off your first month!

Zara - The website for the last minute friend

If you haven’t had time to shop for formal and are looking for something last minute, you can either run down Newbury Street to Zara to find something, or order online and get 2-day shipping to the store. Zara is great if you’re balling on a budget or just short on time- such a saving grace during a busy social season! As we all know, the Zara website is an absolute nightmare to navigate, so I took one for the team and found some of the best options. Thank me later!

I hope this article has provided you with some dress inspo or has helped you navigate the formal dress shopping scene. I know you all will look amaze in whatever you wear!

If you’re still feeling discouraged about finding the perfect dress for you or you just don’t have enough time— just remember, your best shopping destination is your best friend’s closet. You can tell them I sent you xoxo!

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