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Rachel Green’s Timeless Style

By: Audrey Brower

Five Looks The Character Wore That Prove Her Style is Truly Timeless

Rachel Green, the popular character from Friends, is one of the biggest style icons of the 90s. Her looks are bold, creative, and expressive of her sociable character while remaining timeless and replicable. What makes Rachel Green’s style so admirable is the usage of essential clothing elements to create a trendy, yet classy look. With the recent surge of 90s-inspired outfits, here are some of Rachel Green’s most inspiring outfits that can be adapted to modern fashion trends.

1. Simple Green Tank

This look from season 6, episode 23 proves that basics are essential to any outfit. This stunning green bandeau top paired with a classic pair of white pants creates a clean and timeless look. Additionally, this shade of green tends to transcend time as seen through modern fashion trends. While the green top is cute, this look attests to the versatility of simple, white pants. No matter the color or pattern of the top, white pants never fail to pull an outfit together — they are the blank canvas of fashion.

2. White Blouse

This outfit from season 9, episode 20 showcases the timeless white blouse for its traditionally feminine neckline, puff sleeves, and intricate detailing. A white blouse can always dress up an outfit: from a simple pair of pants to a colorful, patterned skirt. Here, Rachel pairs this summer blouse with a pair of darker jeans — which adds a nice contrast to the overall look. It is worth mentioning Rachel’s unique take on the white blouse. While a majority of looks pair a white blouse with a more colorful pant or a skirt, Rachel does the opposite. In pairing this blouse with darker jeans, Rachel elevates a seemingly dreary and boring look to an authentic, fun, classic summertime look

3. The Baby Tee

If there is any item to define 2020s fashion, it is a baby tee. However, this closet essentially saw its origins long ago. In season 2, Rachel pairs a cute, white, graphic baby tee with a pair of comfortable, tan pants. The lighter colors of this look are perfect for a cozy summertime outfit. Additionally, modern fashion is all about wearing what makes you comfortable. Rachel gives the perfect example of how to assemble an outfit that is cute, comfortable, and trendy all at the same time. This is not the only time Rachel sports an essential baby tee. Other phenomenal looks can be found in season 1, episode 2, and season 10, episode 1.

4. Patterned Slip Dress

While the slip dress has its modern form typical in black and beige colors, Rachel offers her own take on the slip dress. In season 2, episode 3 she wears this purple patterned look. This statement dress is enough to stand on its own. However, a modern take on this look could incorporate smaller, chunky hoop earrings along with a delicate necklace and bracelet. A baguette purse is another great way to add to this look. While Rachel wears it as a daytime look, the slip dress can be adapted for any occasion: lunch with friends, a night out, or date night. No matter the occasion, a slip dress such as the one that Rachel sports here will never fail to impress.

5. The Plaid Skirt

As early as season 1, Rachel cements herself as the best-dressed character on Friends. This memorable plaid skirt and white turtleneck combo is the best introduction to her character and style. The white turtleneck is a staple and canvas for the rest of the outfit. The plaid skirt adds a pop of red that makes the look unique, fun, and playful. Plaid skirts have proven the superior timeless, versatile, and casual skirt. From Emma Chamberlain's repopularizing the popular clothing item in 2019 to the resurfacing of 90s fashion trends, plaid skirts are a staple in anyone’s closet.

Through her extensive use of closet staples, a creative and classy combination of styles and colors, and the replicability of many of her iconic looks, Rachel Green has become one of the 90s biggest and most inspiring style influences.

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