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Effortless Elegance: 3 Formal Looks from The 1975's Matty Healy

By: Devyn Berry

The 1975’s Matty Healy is the man of the moment. Hot off of dropping one of the best albums of the year: Being Funny in a Foreign Language, Healy has been invading screens everywhere with his showmanship on the band’s ongoing tour, aptly titled The 1975 At Their Very Best. Doubtlessly unforgettable to those in attendance at the band’s November 4th and 5th shows here in Boston, he’s sung from the roof of a house, eaten raw meat, and most importantly given us some of the best men's formal wear inspirations of the season. Effortlessly blending the formal and informal, the flashy and the laid-back, the chic and the shabby, Healy’s style represents a classy effortlessness that one could only dream to achieve. Without further ado, here are three looks that define Matty’s style with links to similar pieces to get you looking At Your Very Best.

The first ensemble comes from a spot in The New York Times published in the lead-up to their newest album’s release. Here, Healy opts for a pared-back summery outfit with a leather blazer, untucked pink oxford shirt, and white chinos. Linked below, you’ll find corresponding pieces from ASOS and J. Crew (all of which are on sale at the time of writing!).

(Click on the items to explore their respective sites! )

Next up is a look from Matty’s cover shoot for Rolling Stone UK, slightly upping the formality with a white oxford shirt, black tie, and a pair of bold blue high-waisted suit pants. For those on Healy’s budget, the same striped pants can be had from Louis Vuitton for an eye-watering $1,520, but if you’re looking to make a statement on the street rather than in your bank account, a similarly loud pair of blue trousers can be had at Zara for $70. Check out the links below!

Finally, you couldn’t write an article about Matty Healy and The 1975’s current era without mentioning the signature black suit. A staple of wardrobes since its inception, the band make the black suit their own with relaxed tailoring and an overall slouchy fit. Linked below are two suiting options, one from Mod Ref Common Market and a slightly pricier option from COS.

If you’ve used these looks as inspiration or tried them on yourself, be sure to tag us @bufashionandretail on Instagram and Tiktok!

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