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Styling Elegant Hats With Queen Elizabeth II

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

By: Oura Miyazaki

In honor of her seventy-year reign, we are taking a peek into Queen Elizabeth II’s exquisite ways of donning her hats. Queen Elizabeth II was almost synonymous with hats—it was rather rare to see her entire hair unmasked.

Looking through her royal looks, one trend is apparent: the marriage of hats and garments. Queen Elizabeth II reflected her hats with her coats/dresses, achieving harmony throughout her entire look. On the queen, the hat was not an ornament or accessory that was attached as an afterthought but rather a carefully planned crown that spoke about her fashion style.

Texturizing the Pattern

In 1967, Queen Elizabeth II visited Malta wrapped in a soft pink coat by Hardy Amies. The coat overflowed with faint patterns of round flowers that became more tangible on top of her head. In addition to the pink and green flowers that mimicked her dress, the hat included white flowers that linked with her classic white gloves.

Sneak-peek of the Dress

Here, the queen wore a refreshingly crisp summer dress whose pattern was uniquely incorporated into the inner brim and the ribbon of her hat. The small touches of pattern created a nice connection between the dress and the hat, brightening the queen’s face with images of summer.

Matching Buttons

In this lilac outfit, the queen donned a dress whose round, dark purple buttons echoed the two buttons on her hat. Her dress and hat also shared a similar, if not identical, fabric, achieving greater harmony. Cleverly, her gloves were more transparent compared to her usual gloves, perfectly balancing out the range of textures.

Seeking Hidden Colors

Here, the queen was styled with the palette of red, gray, and black—amazingly chic and fit for winter. Though red mostly dominated her coat, gray was the base of her hat. The red buttons, collars, and pockets on her coat were recognized by the red outline that sat atop the outskirts of her hat. The black gloves and handbag pulled the look altogether.

Something Different

The queen did not always stick to monochrome. Here, the queen introduced a tangerine orange hat along with her vibrant blue attire. The hat accentuated the look but did not deviate from the invigorating tone of her entire look.

Queen Elizabeth II inspired the public with her royal looks, particularly signaling the power of hats in conversation with the rest of the attire. We can take this fashion tip into account when styling a certain accessory, ensuring that each part of the outfit is in tune with one another.

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