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Hailey Bieber: The New “It Girl”?

By: Lauren Johnson

When the name Hailey Bieber comes to mind, there are so many elements to pay attention to. From a model to an entrepreneur, she really does it all. She has been in the fashion industry for many years, but in the past few years, her presence as an international fashion icon has skyrocketed. From "Hailey Bieber Nails” to the “Hailey Bieber Haircut” to “Hailey Bieber Streetwear,” her aesthetic has become a national trend for this era.


Starting with her well-known streetwear, her style has been an inspiration to many. Popular trends such as blazers, low-rise jeans, baggy pants, jackets, and small sunglasses all link back to her. Hailey’s style tends to link fashion with comfort. She often styles oversized looks with fashionable twists. She also likes to feature a little vintage moment. Take a look at her Instagram and you’ll see just how she pulls these styles off, revitalizing them from years past. Her impressive style has gravitated many fashion lovers around the world, giving her even more of a platform than before.


Besides her inspiring clothing, her nails caught the liking and attention of many. The “Hailey Bieber Nails” were asked for at countless nail salons, and the nails soon had their glory. Chrome nails began popping up all over social media, creating a universal trend. This simplistic but elegant look had many people hooked.


As if she hasn’t accomplished enough, Hailey Bieber became an entrepreneur of her own skincare line called Rhode. Rhode's production of Peptide Lip Treatments, Peptide Glazing Fluids, and Barrier Restore Creams managed to sell out in minutes. While she attempts to keep her stock full, the demand just keeps rising. Influencers have endorsed and presented these products everywhere. With everyone loving the line, she continues to climb up the wall of fame.

Hailey Bieber, being the fashion icon she is, has won many awards and appeared on the covers of many different magazines. From Forbes 50 under 30 to Harper’s Bizarre for being the next icon, to Allure for the business of beauty, all the way to the cover of Vogue, she has really done it all. Her fame has booked her modeling jobs with many well-known brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren, but most importantly, she has sparked a new generation of everyday lifestyle.

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