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Instagram It-Girl Caroline Daur: The Queen of Monochrome

By: Oura Miyazaki

With 3.5 million followers on Instagram, Caroline Daur (@carodaur) has been displaying her immaculate fashion sense from the streets of countless countries. Alluring many followers with her particular fashion view and captivating pictures, in which her outfits and scenery narrate her experiences from the day, Daur is now a powerful influencer who is invited to notable fashion events. She immediately becomes the star as she steps into the streets, especially during Fashion Weeks as her street styles circulate the internet. Along with her fashion journey, Daur has been providing humorous videos and motivational fitness content (check out @daurpower) that encourage her followers to join her in pursuing a fashionable, healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle.

Today, I will be focusing on ways in which Daur skillfully incorporates monochrome style into her street outfits. Continue reading to check them out and visit her Instagram for more details!

In her latest post, Daur shares a monochrome look for Paris Fashion Week. She pairs a loosely knitted blouse with a mini-skirt in the same material. She also matches her Chanel shades in the same light beige tone. Though this look is rather simple, it is thoughtfully coordinated as she ties everything together with a single color.

In this look, Daur goes for a cool, biker look, accentuating the atmosphere with the single black tone. She pairs a cropped leather jacket with straight leather pants, establishing a link between her upper and lower body. She hides a simple, black cropped top underneath her jacket to liberate the look from the static texture of leather. Since the cropped top is in the same black color, however, the leather material is still spotlighted.

I think we can all agree that Daur single handedly owned this look. This look is similar to the one above in terms of the black tone set by the cropped jacket and long pants. In this outfit, however, Daur goes for a classy suit instead of powerful leather. The black suit is tied together by the black shades and the iconic Prada bag with a bold black outline. Instead of bringing another black attire underneath her jacket, Daur dons a white cropped shirt that has both the classiness fitting to the suit and the casualness appropriate for street style.

For this look, Daur elegantly embodies a neutral palette composed of light beige, white, and gold. She harmonizes the stunning beige coat with the beige shirt underneath while also featuring bold white boots and shades. She matches the gold chain necklace with the gold belt around her waist and brings in a handbag that subsumes every color she has used. Beige, white, and gold all share a common undertone that allows Daur to create this monochrome look.

With this look, Daur hits the streets with vivid emerald green. She couples the green oversized jacket with green shorts. Using a bright color, such as this gorgeous green, is essential for a monochrome look as it celebrates your bold fashion endeavor. Similar to her previous looks, she keeps everything else simple with the use of a white shirt, white rolled-up sleeves, and simple jewelry. This look will definitely keep you elated throughout the entire day.

Last but not least, Daur creates a simple navy look perfect for street style day and night. She wears ankle-cut skinny navy pants and elongates her legs with navy socks. They shift our attention to the shoes that convey a sense of traditional loafers as well as platform sneakers. Her low-cut sleeveless top flares out at the ends, adding some movement to this look. The pictures prove how perfect the look is for a sunny day outing while I can also imagine going out at night in this look. This versatility is an exciting aspect of monochrome street-style fashion.

I hope these examples have inspired you to compose your distinct monochrome street style looks. Try using the same material and/or color for your next outing! Keep an eye on Daur’s Instagram stories to get updates on her upcoming looks during Paris Fashion Week and more!

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