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Reflecting on F&R's Very First Professional Panel

By: Oura Miyazaki

Last Saturday, F&R hosted its first in-person professional panel. The event featured five amazing speakers: Alicia Sharp, Hillary Kilton, Iantha Beane, Beena Alvi, and Scott Thomas Jr. (Jocelyn Roseman was, unfortunately, unable to make it to the event). Audience members came not only from BU but also from different schools in the Boston area and beyond. Some even had prior experiences in the professional fashion world. F&R would like to thank all of those who attended and contributed to making this event happen!

From the E-Board, Miri Chan reflects, “One of my goals within my new role as Professional Development Director was expanding the presence of F&R within Questrom, BU, & Boston students. I’m super happy that this event was able to reach over 5 colleges and connect fashion interested students all over Boston and even some from New York!”

The panelists shared amazing information, speaking about everything from their entrance to the industry, insights on their career path, and advice to students who are hoping to make their way into the fashion sphere. Sophie Bush, the President of F&R comments, “The panelists covered a breadth of expertise in the fashion and retail industries. They provided thoughtful answers to audience questions and were eager to speak with students one-on-one at the networking session afterwards!”

The hour-long panel and Q&A sessions, led by our former President Anabelle Pinkston, were followed by a networking segment, during which audience members lined up in front of each panelist, excited to introduce themselves and ask more personal questions. Some were seen exchanging contact information and engaging in lively group conversations.

Arya Patel, our PR Director adds, “I enjoyed how the advice the panelists gave applied to students wanting to work in a field outside of fashion and business as well!” The panelists truly dedicated their time to answering questions and giving inspiring advice to the audience who were seeking both general and individualized career guidance.

Our president expresses, “I couldn’t be prouder of the F&R’s first panel. It was a huge success thanks to the help of everyone on the E-Board, but it was thanks to the hard work of the Professional Development Director Miri Chan and the Professional Development Chair Simran Seth that the event was able to come together so flawlessly!” We are very happy with the outcome of the event and hope that the attendees left with many helpful resources.

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