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Runway in Retrospect: The Wackiest and Wildest of F&R Runway Looks

By Erica Schwartz


Runway in Retrospect is a new blog series by website editor Erica Schwartz on the Boston University Fashion and Retail Association blog. All opinions shared in this article are those of Miss Schwartz and do not represent those of BU F&R as a whole.

BU Fashion and Retail Association is always looking to push the boundaries of fashion and design, so it should be no surprise that many F&R designers have created shocking looks over the past 15 years of fashion shows. Nevertheless, some looks were so unique that they deserve to be highlighted for their creativity. From surprising materials to one-of-a-kind accessories, some looks stand out among the rest for how truly individual they are.

Before we get into the list of looks, it must be said that wacky does not mean bad or unfashionable. Each designer's creative vision is their own. Frankly, anything that's now mainstream was at one point deemed weird! Many of these surprising designs may be old news in a few years' time. Still, it's fun to look back on past shows in the lead-up to this year's and reflect on some of the most jaw-dropping looks.


Neon Green Cord Harness, Changing of the Guard (Spring 2012)

The base layer of this look is anything but wacky. Both the little black dress and slicked-back ponytail remain staples in both daily and runway wear. Additionally, harnesses over dresses are nothing new in the fashion world, thanks to designers like Vivienne Westwood. Neon green harnesses made out of rope, however, are rather unique. The less-structured nature of the cords compared to more common materials like leather or metal makes this corset sit more like a necklace. Plus, it's hard to understand the connection between this look and the show's theme, "Changing of the Guard." Maybe this neon-accented look might have been more at home in the Fall 2013 show, "Glow - A Night of Fluorescent Fashion."


Layers on layers, La Fête (Spring 2010)

This look from the Spring 2010 La Fête is by far the most tame in this list of zany looks. It's certainly less overtly wacky compared to other designs. Nonetheless, this combination of fabrics, colors, and silhouette is so unique that it stands out as one of the more eccentric looks that have graced the F&R runway. Moreover, it was certainly one of the wildest designs of its time, being part of F&R's third fashion show ever. One of the most visually compelling elements of this dress is certainly the mismatch between the layering of the bodice and the skirt; while the skirt is a panel of blue metallic fabric draped over red satin, the top is a red and pink satin sweetheart bustier over the blue metallic fabric.


Polka Dot Bodysuit, Shanghai Whispers (Fall 2014)

Although it looks like it belongs in the Spring 2014 show Cirque, this look was designed for the Shanghai Whispers fashion show one semester prior. This asymmetric neon polka dot bodysuit is definitely one of the most eye-catching designs in F&R fashion show history! The matching metallic fringed hat, belt, and heels add some cohesion to the outfit. Still, between the shade of green and the tall height of the tophat, this look seems more ready to wear in the St. Patrick's Day parade instead of the runway.


"Ain't No Wifey" Look, Cirque (Spring 2014)

Where to start with this one? Between the heart sunglasses, red tutu, and muscle tank that reads, "Ain't No Wifey Don't Try to Ice Me," this look is certainly a head-turner. The tutu seems rather appropriate for the circus-inspired show, but the look as a whole doesn't exactly seem like something you'll catch a tightrope walker wearing. Perhaps it's just the model's tongue-out pose, but something about this combination seems to be very reminiscent of the Miley Cyrus Bangerz era. I guess it's fair to say that between the clear inspiration from Cyrus' Bangerz and the sassy "Ain't no wifey" slogan popularized by Cara Delevigne and Kylie Jenner, reviewing this look is like opening a time capsule from 2014.


That's all for some of the wackiest, most shocking looks that have graced the F&R runway over the past 15 years. Who knows what crazy new looks will hit the runway at this year's show? I guess you'll have to attend to find out! Tickets to Eco-Futurism can be purchased here.

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