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The future is bright... & it's Valentino Pink

By: Lilly Katherine Kays

Well it’s official, pink is the new black.

Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli debuted a monochromatic collection during the Valentino Paris Fashion Week Show with an ensemble titled “Valentino Pink PP Collection.” All the models were dressed in pink, or more specifically dayglo fuschia, and walked down a pink, gloss runway. There were 40 looks presented and Piccioli’s idea behind the one, single color was to “remove distractions and concentrate the viewers’ eyes on distinguishing the differences between silhouette and detail. Even the models had on pink eyeshadow, and I just love a commitment to a theme.

Leading up to the show, Valentino launched social media posts to prepare its audience for what was to come: a new hue that would capture the eyes and hearts of many.

We know monochromatic looks have been all the rage the past few seasons, but those looks were always with neutral pallets. This spring and summer, bright colors will be taking first place. Here are some of my favorite looks from the Valentino Pink PP Collection.

I absolutely love the look of this two-piece set with the added gloves. It gives off the vibes of fun and flirty, but also there is a sense of elegance to this piece.

I am getting Gossip Girl vibes with these colored tights, and they bring such power to this oversized, sparkly co-ord.

Is pink an acceptable color to get married in? If so, I will be wearing this dress. Period.

This dress is absolutely phenomenal. The double slit with the added design on the sides, is so sleek and beautiful. The turtleneck neckline adds a nice contrast to the openness of the sides.

This sweater puts all my chunky knits to shame. The structured neckline adds some extra umph to your next cozy day fit.

Can you imagine wearing this coat in Boston in the winter? I feel like people would get an instant serotonin boost seeing this color in the midst of the cold and rainy mundane everyday.

I have no words for this. The hold this dress has on mee… I can’t even explain. Absolutely stunning.

This color was specifically chosen because according to the Valentino brand, “Pink is the color of love, community, energy, and freedom.” I don’t disagree. There is exuberance and life attached to this color and I think that is why this line will be successful. Is now the time when we all make the switch to happier colors, that inspire joy and harmony instead of wearing hues that are serious and insipid? I am all for a neutral color pallet, but I think that time might have come and gone.

The future is bright, and it’s Valentino Pink.

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