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Spring 2022 Color Trends

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

By Julianna Tramposch

In preparation for your new upcoming spring wardrobe, here are some of the most stylish colors for spring. The five colors I have noticed in the Boston area are: Fuschia, Shamrock Green, Lemon Yellow, Tawny Brown, Periwinkle Blue.

1. Fuchsia

This color is a vibrant shade of pink and purple. It can be found in many store’s new inventory for spring, such as Zara. Fuchsia can be paired excellently with black and white colors since it is intensely bright.

2. Shamrock Green

Shamrock Green is part of the new inventory, especially in preparation for Saint Patrick's day. Stores that has a heavy inventory of this type of green are Urban Outfitters and Princess Polly. Like Fuschia, Shamrock Green will pair well with color staples of black and white, as well as a beige.

3. Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow is very in for this season and is a staple collection in the neon color range. Lemon Yellow is best paired with white as well as floral design. Zara is beginning to present lots of Lemon Yellow clothing options and Verge Girl has lots to choose from!

4. Tawny Brown

A common color palette this year has been the neutral color scheme. This season’s spring will be no different. Tawny Brown color can be found especially at Brandy Melville and Aritzia. Because it belongs in the neutral families, it will pair well with any color (we suggest we pair it with other brown tones too).

5. Periwinkle Blue

This color, although typically saved for summer season inventory, is making an earlier appearance in the fashion industry this year. You can find this shade of blue in stores such as Aritzia and Vineyard Vines. Despite Periwinkle belonging to the blue family, its light and softer aura makes it easy to pair it with both neutrals and bold colors.

Happy shopping and don't forget to tag @bufashionandretail on TikTok and Instagram with your outfits!

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