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Pretty in Plisse & Pleats: How to Look Effortless This Spring

By: Angelina Not

Personally, I have been following the trend of plisse and micro pleats ever since I discovered Issey Miyake and his Pleats Please line. What mesmerized me the most was the effortless yet refined appearance of the garments due to the texture that the plisse fabric gave. In his most recent Spring 2022 collections, the material’s complexity is showcased beautifully and the neutral palette and lightness of the clothes gives it an elegant and minimalist look.

Issey Miyake Spring 2022 and Issey Miyake Homme Plissé Spring 2022

Issey Miyake being one of the biggest trendsetters for creative crafting of the clothes, other brands have also been playing around with the material in their latest collections as the warmer weather approaches. The breezy material has been making a big reappearance in brands like Givenchy, Henrik Vibiskov, and Mark Kenly Domino Tan. The best part about this fabric is that it creates an illusion of mobility and flowiness. Some pieces are crafted as more narrow and draped on the body, other pieces are given straight lines across the pleats to add a rigidness and a distinctive silhouette along the natural curves of the body.

Givenchy Spring 2022

Mark Kenly Domino Tan Spring 2022 Fall 2022

Smaller designers like Robert Wun have also been incorporating micro pleats and plisse, but to give a rather futuristic quality to the garments in the latest Spring/Summer 2021 and Fall/Winter 2021 collection. The collections feature looks of layered pleats. The delicateness and lightness of the fabric is mixed with the more heavy looking flares and fabrications to give an illusion of an armor like ensemble. His craftsmanship is absolutely stunning, emanating a mixture of elegance and roughness through the intricate silhouettes that are meant to replicate that of birds.

“It was about playing with material that looked like metal to create the illusion of wearing armour, but it’s actually made out of fabric.”

“Through the armour, there’s a softness of a pleat that cuts into a swallowtail shape, so there’s always that mixture between strength and something as delicate and light as a bird’s tail.” - Robert Wun

The best thing about plisse is that it is comfortable and easier to style than it looks. Garments in this material have the best quality of being stretchy, wrinkle-proof and lightweight, definitely beneficial for many that now lean towards more comfort in their style post-pandemic. For some outfit inspirations here are some ways that you can style pieces for Spring and Summer this year. Match a simple white plisse top with some black shorts and gold jewelry for a more casual look.

And again, it can also be dressed up with a fully plisse and micro pleated dress for a more classy look or a dinner out.

This one is my personal favorite, for putting together a chic pajama look with a matching oversized plisse top and plisse pants that is seen on many influencers this season.

I am sure that with the rise of the warmer weather these outfits will become more and more available in stores so definitely be on the lookout if you are looking to have a more effortless look for the warmer weather!

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