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Celebrate Black History Month With F&R’s Creative Styles

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

By: Oura Miyazaki

In honor of Black History Month, members of the BU Fashion and Retail Association played a fun game. They were granted access to six Black designers brands: Balmain, Telfar, Baby Phat, Hope for Flowers, Brother Vellies, Thebe Magugu, and were asked to curate casual, cocktail, and evening looks using the pieces from their recent collections. Learn from your fellow fashionistas at F&R who featured each designer’s talented attires in three different categories. We hope these looks inspire you to check out these amazing brands!


Look 1

  • Sweater vest: Telfar

  • Jumpsuit: Baby Phat

  • Socks: Brother Vellies

  • Sneakers: Balmain

  • Bag: Thebe Magugu

This team formed a casual look by focusing on neutral colors such as white, beige, and brown. Baby Phat’s denim jumpsuit ties everything together as the navy blue appears below the off-white Telfar sweater vest. The slouch socks from Brother Vellies soften the look while the brown bag from Thebe Magugu adds a slight touch of formality.

Look 2

  • Jumpsuit: Baby Phat

  • Boots: Brother Vellies

  • Earrings: Balmain

  • Purse: Thebe Magugu

This team also worked well with colors. Baby Phat’s jumpsuit makes an appearance here once again and aligns with Thebe Magugu’s dark turquoise purse that displays a delicate illustration. Brother Vellies’ playful cowgirl boots serve as a foundation as it includes colors, such as navy blue, dark turquoise, and beige, that are featured on other garments. Balmain’s earrings finish off the look with their bold geometric shapes.


Look 1

  • Shoes: Thebe Magugu

  • Dress: Balmain

  • Blazer: Balmain

For this cocktail look, Balmain’s gorgeous black mini dress takes the spotlight. On top of the cotton-velvet material, the silver beads illuminate the V-shape of the dress. Also from Balmain, the chic black blazer amplifies this look’s elegance. Tying the blazer with the long ribbons is definitely an option you should consider! Finally, Thebe Magugu’s ankle boots will elongate your legs with the matching black. The brand’s logo glistens on the shoe that handsomely references elements from traditional loafers.

Look 2

  • Dress: Balmain

  • Jacket: Hope for Flowers

  • Boots: Thebe Magugu

  • Earrings: Telfar

  • Clutch: Brother Vellies

Balmain’s cocktail dresses are uniquely bold and beautiful. This dress is tighter around the neck, and the gold buttons outline your shoulders. Hope for Flowers brings this look to the next level with its artistically designed jacket. The warm yellow will definitely highlight your look. The boots are from Thebe Magugu (the same one as the last option) and are paired with a simple, black clutch by Brother Vellies. Lastly, Telfar’s signature earrings tie everything together with gold hoops that are simple yet prominent.


Look 1

  • Dress: Balmain

  • Purse: Balmain

  • Puffer: Baby Phat

  • Earrings: Telfar

  • Heels: Brother Vellies

Here, Balmain’s dress suggests more formality with its simple yet elegant wrapped dress. This group adds Baby Phat’s dramatic puffer jacket whose fur resembles the fur attached at the end of Brother Vellies’ heels. The simple Telfar earrings and the Balmain purse perfectly align with the evening concept.

Look 2

  • Dress: Hope for Flowers

  • Heels: Balmain

  • Necklace: Balmain

This last look is shaped by a graceful long dress by Hope for Flowers. The combination of thick straps and flared ends underscore the designer’s creativity while the silver silky material illuminates the model. Balmain’s large necklace will be perfect for the low-cut dress and the simple heels will heighten the overall elegance of this look.

Take some time scrolling through these beautiful brands that showcase attires by unmatched Black designers. We hope your next casual, cocktail, or evening look is as unique, powerful, and dashing as these.

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