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Sparkling Tweed: Chanel’s Newest Luxury Jewelry Collection

By Julianna Tramposch


Once again, the luxury fashion house Chanel does the extraordinary with their new high

jewelry collection, Tweed De Chanel. Their jewelry studio has layered and weaved gemstones to

resemble the iconic tweed fabric that they use in their high-fashion clothes, bags, and

accessories. This collection was designed by Patrice Leguéreau, the director of the Chanel fine

jewelry creation studio. He attributes his inspiration back to a famous rendezvous between

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and the Duke of Westminster. This tryst was where Coco was

introduced with – and fell in love with – tweed, later to become the ultimate symbol of the

Chanel fashion house. Leguéreau said, “My dream [was] to create a tweed set with precious

stones,” which he did, impressively, by layering and weaving the jewels to make it as light and

supple as the actual fabric (Harper’s Bazaar).

This jewelry collection features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. As well as a

variety of jewels and crystals, such as diamonds, sapphires, pearls, beryls, and onyx. Some

pieces featured are an 18k pink gold and sapphire “Tweed Pétales” necklace, an 18k white gold

and diamond “Tweed Mademoiselle” bracelet, and an 18k gold “Tweed Byzance” pair of

earrings. Photographer Sam Helmann has taken some exclusive photos for Cultured Magazine,

provided below.

This collection is different from all of Chanel’s previous high jewelry collections.

Described as a “technical feat,” many of these pieces have taken over 2,400 hours of delicate and

precise work. Chanel’s statement pieces serve as stories and symbols that reflect and define the

brand heritage of this high fashion brand. There are five jewelry weaves to be exact, with five

colors and five of Coco’s famous symbols. The white ribbon, blue comet, yellow sun, red lion,

and pink camellia flower.

This Parisian fashion house is tapping into the space of high jewelry, a category in the

luxury fashion realm that is predicted to be very lucrative in the upcoming future. Chanel is

creating pieces that are unlike any other pieces we have seen before, which is only reinforcing

their status as one of the most elegant and opulent fashion labels.


Julianna Tramposch is a student writer for Boston University Fashion and Retail Association. She is a Senior at BU majoring in Public Relations in the College of Communications, with a minor in Hospitality in School of Hospitality.

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