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Rodarte’s Pre-Fall 2023 Collection Is An Ethereal Wonder

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

By: Audrey Brower

Earlier this month, designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of global fashion house Rodarte debuted their Pre-Fall 2023 Collection. The collection is an ode to nature, carrying bright, flamboyant, traditionally spring/summer colors into fall fashion. The collection uses floral patterns as well as light, airy, satin fabrics to capture the idea of being carefree, surrounded by bright, ethereal nature.

“We wanted to capture nature and how beautiful it is and how it can feel very ephemeral,” said designer Kate Mulleavy, “[There’s] this idea of something airy and kind of weightless.”

The collection’s photoshoot is separated into three parts, offering a graceful transition from day to evening to nighttime looks. Each look has a keen balance between artistic designs and everyday wearability. The collection is perfectly unique, wearable, and undeniably gorgeous.

The daytime looks in the collection use extravagant floral patterns, classy lace, chiffon, and tastefully colorful fabrics. One standout is the bright pink satin dress. The hot pink color boosts feelings of summertime and nature while the lace draws in elements of femininity and romance — which Rodarte is well known for. Another eye-catching piece is the white, short dress designed with chiffon, lace, and tulle. The combination of understated fabrics adds sharp dimensions to the otherwise plain dress. The lace, once again, ties the dress back to elegance and romance. The third look reveals subtle dimensions that become apparent through the cinching on the dress. The purple, floral pattern adds a nice pop of color and seamlessly blends with the rest of the collection.

The collection transitions into seemingly more formal, evening looks. These satin dresses keep with the airy, dainty theme while showing both satin’s versatility and universality. Notably, the flowers printed on these dresses were photographed straight from Kate and Laura’s garden — adding a touch of whimsy to the otherwise delicate and romantic pieces. The purple, layered look in the middle strikingly plays with fabrics similar to those in the white veil daytime look.. The light purple fabric enhances the summer/spring inspiration. The long, ruffled skirt elevates this look from a playful daytime look to a graceful, lush evening gown.

The collection ends with nighttime looks — perfect for a night on the town with friends. The first look is a playful and bold addition to the collection. The netted design keeps a neutral base while the colorful pom poms dress it up. The long, black floral dress serves as a nighttime representation of the previous purple, floral, daytime dress. It utilizes the same cinching techniques as the purple dress. However, the black and yellow colors elevate the dress to a stunning nighttime look that remains light, graceful, carefree, and full of nature. Finally, the tight golden dress is a rudimentary expression of exquisite nighttime fashion. The shimmering fabric catches the eye and the folds on the dress add a pleasant dimension to the mythical, goddess-like look, which is tied together by the golden crown

Overall, Rodarte’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection is a beautiful showcase of the brand’s feminine, romantic approach to fashion. The collection celebrates nature and femininity through the inclusion of bright, colorful, airy, and lacy design choices. This Rodarte collection is a must-see.

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