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Alexander McQueen’s AW23 Show Is All About Anatomy and the Art of Tailoring

By: Julianna Tramposch

Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2023 Collection takes minimalism and elegance to the next level. McQueen managed to get everyone talking about the “Anatomy” collection through pure fashion, excluding any gimmicks or theatrical performances. Sarah Burton, the creative director at Alexander McQueen, focused on perfect tailoring, and she used this focus on tailoring to challenge gender boundaries. The female models walked in tailoring that traditionally has been associated with masculine fashion such as a suit set. Vice versa, the male models walked in tailoring that traditionally has been associated with feminine fashion such as strapless tops and poofy sleeves.

Naomi Campbell opened this show in a black corset jumpsuit with a scalloped cut. This show was a very anticipated show since McQueen hasn’t been in Paris for the past three years. The runway show took place in a tent outside of Les Invalides. The show paid homage to McQueen’s 1998 show, as the music was the same soundtrack except played backward. This was an amazing creative decision because Burton also used previous collections that showcased beautiful simplicity as inspiration for this 2023 collection.

Burton became the creative director of Alexander McQueen after Lee Alexander McQueen passed in in 2010. Burton, who worked with Lee, is committed to making sure his legacy and the brand always stay true to itself and their focuses never change. Tailoring has always been a very important part of the McQueen label.

As the show progressed, the show evolved from more of a minimalist look to a decadent display of tailoring; Such as slashing, twisting, and cutting. There was also a motif of an orchid, a flower known for its beauty and adaptability. This a fitting motif for McQueen as the brand possesses tradition in its roots, yet always - elegantly - produces a modern twist. Burton says all of the show refers to, “human anatomy, the anatomy of clothing, the anatomy of flowers… and [most importantly] the anatomy of McQueen.”

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