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Levi is Tapping into AI

By: Julianna Tramposch

Levi Strauss & CO., the queen brand of denim, has announced plans of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) models to increase their levels of diversity and inclusivity. For this innovative project, Levi is partnering with LaLaLand.Ai, which is a studio that works with brands to customize digital AI avatars. The purpose of introducing AI models will be to visually offer a wider range of body types, ages, and skin tones to its online customers. Along with virtually introducing more diverse models, Levi announces a continual pursuit to hire more diverse human models. The global head of digital and emerging technology leader, Amy Gershkoff Bolles, says Levi has turned to AI as, “It would be impossible [for us] to have models that cover every type combination of race, ethnicity, age, body type, and body size.”

Along with this announcement, Levi has emphasized that the AI models will not replace human models but rather support them. The AI models will hopefully debut at the end of 2023, as Levi and LaLaLand.Ai are an emerging partnership, with many technological logistics to further discuss. Their hope is to create an AI model that is human-like to the extent that customers will not be able to tell which model is real and which model is computer generated as they browse on their own computer screens. A big influence of this project has been the rise in virtual influencers, like Lil Miquela and Shudu Gram. Levi wants their models to look even more human-like than these virtual influencers.

In addition to increasing the brand’s emphasis on diversity, Levi hopes the new AI models will raise the quality of consumer experience. With a model that more accurately resembles each individual customer, there are more chances that every customer has a personalized and positive experience; Ultimately, leading to a purchase of Levi products. Studies have shown a correlation between a higher purchase rate and the likelihood of purchasing from customers who feel they look alike to the model. Levi is ambitiously embracing the growing relationship between fashion and technology. They are using this new technology in a good, healthy, and human way. Levi says, “we see fashion and technology as both an art and a science.”

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