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Bella Hadid is the New Beauty Muse for Charlotte Tilbury

By: Julianna Tramposch

Bella Hadid, the American supermodel, and influencer has been named as the new face of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. This uber-popular beauty brand was created in 2013 and has taken the makeup world by storm. Two of their most popular products, the Pillow Talk Beauty Highlighter Wand and the Airbrush Flawless Foundation, are constantly raved about by influencers and users on TikTok. Charlotte Tilbury products are normally sold out in many makeup stores, as many people genuinely love Charlotte Tilbury's makeup and the “glowy and effortless” makeup look it produces.

This March, Hadid joined Charlotte Tilbury which already consists of models and actresses such as Kate Moss, Lily James, and Phoebe Dynevor. She says, “I’ve always been obsessed with all of Charlotte’s beauty innovations whether I’m on or off-duty, they really are my confidence boosting looks!” A huge motif behind Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is confidence, as the iconic makeup artist and founder Charlotte Tilbury believes the true power of makeup is how it makes you feel, over the way it makes you look. Tilbury says, “Together we want to inspire everyone around the world to unlock confidence and make their beauty dreams come true.”

As Bella Hadid matches Charlotte Tilbury's energy and work ethic, followers and customers of both Bella and Charlotte are ecstatic about this new partnership. The two originally met at a New York City event for Prince’s Trust organization. They were the only two people dancing! Anyone can recreate Bella’s Charlotte Tilbury Look by going to the website. Hadid discloses her two Charlotte Tilbury staples are the Flawless Filter and the Lip Cheat Liner.

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