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6 Different Ways to Style Your Scarf This Winter

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

By: Oura Miyazaki

Winter scarves are indispensable to look fashionable during this winter season. They will accentuate your style by adding some pops of color on top of your heavy winter garments, such as coats. Scroll down to read about how you can convert your scarves into eye-catching accessories.

1. Simply drape them around your neck

Sometimes, simplicity is key for certain winter scarves. Grab your long winter scarf and let it hang around your neck. By liberating your scarf this way, it will add more movement to your look. For this look, I would suggest coupling your long scarf with a long trench coat to outline the edges of your coat.

2. With a little bit of sophistication

Follow this TikTok video by @fashioninflux to sophisticate your look! This arrangement will add elegance to your scarves, especially those with simple designs. With these extra steps, you will be able to create a flowy look while also making sure that your scarf stays in place for the rest of your day.

3. Warm your face with it

Learn from the fashion queen Bella Hadid herself to uniquely style your scarf while also taking advantage of its warm material. Here, she accentuates her bright pink winter scarf by styling it on top of a simple black Prada coat. She also uses her gorgeous scarf as a fashionable face mask (though protection is not guaranteed) to provide warmth around her face, covering her nose and mouth with one of the loops.

4. Tie a knot

This look will shorten the length of your scarf in front of your body, making it perfect for showing off your pants or buttoning up your trench coat just beneath the ends of your scarf. After making a loop around your neck, tie the ends to make a knot. If your scarf has a logo or a design at one of the ends, make it is visible by bringing it on top of your knot.

5. Turn it into a balaclava

Follow the latest trend and add extra warmth around your face by converting your scarf into a balaclava. Follow this creative TikTok video created by @polina.ilieva to add a fun twist to your scarf! The colors on your scarf will brighten your face as well. Definitely try this one out, it is super simple!

6. Make it chic

  1. Fold your scarf in half

  2. Wrap the doubled scarf around your neck

  3. Take the side with the loop and put the other end through that loop

  4. Pull to adjust

This cool arrangement tightens the scarf around your neck. Notice how the scarf almost resembles a tie, just a tad larger? Style them on top of a simple crewneck or sweater to spice up your outfit with this chic addition!

I hope I encouraged you to use your scarves not only for warmth but for accessorizing your winter outfits! Interested in any of these looks? Grab your winter scarf now and personalize them, using these six options! Send your look to @bufashionandretail via Instagram to be featured on our Instagram page or our next blogpost.

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