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White Button-up Shirt: A Staple for Layering in Autumn

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

by: Oura Miyazaki

As we encounter more crisp mornings and chilly autumn breezes, layering becomes essential in fashion. My absolute favorite piece of clothing for layering is a simple, white, button-up shirt. Peeking through the different layers, a white shirt sparks subtle elegance to my overall outfit. Its simplicity is key to limitless ways of layering, making it a staple for autumn fashion. Here are some styling ideas to get you started.

1. Combine it with a tight top and a big jacket

Don’t say goodbye to your cropped top from the summer just yet. Wear your white shirt, button it around the middle, and put on your small, tight top from the summer on top of the shirt. The cropped top will act like a corset, shaping your waist. The tip is to not button all the way—keep some space near the neck for some jewelry and unbutton the bottom half of the shirt for it to flare out. Finish off the look with a jacket, whether it be a blazer or long coat, to make sure you stay warm throughout the day. For some coordination, look for a jacket that would match your cropped top!

2. Wrap a sweater over it

Though it is undoubtedly getting cooler, it might be too early for sweater weather. Instead of wearing a sweater on top of your shirt, simply wrap it around your shoulders. The sweater may not be worn, but still becomes an essential part of your look. The contrast between the light material of the shirt and the heavier material of the sweater is perfect for this time of the year. Tying a knot with the sleeves of the sweater or letting it hang from your shoulders is totally up to you.

3. Wear a turtleneck underneath

This style is for the colder days of autumn. Find something with a turtleneck and layer your white shirt on top of it. The shirt can be buttoned down from the middle with the ends tucked in. A jacket is recommended, as the combination of a turtle neck, white shirt, and jacket would create this a perfect autumn business-casual look.

Don’t own a white shirt yet? Look for one in your go-to clothing stores and make sure you purchase one at an affordable price. Remember, the primary purpose of layering is to spice up simple, sometimes mundane clothes with other pieces of clothing! Expand your creativity and explore more ways to layer a white shirt into your autumn style.

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