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Cardigans: A Simple Yet Convenient Staple

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

by: Alexis Park

The change in season calls for a change in your wardrobe. Would the bipolar weather accommodate the thick, furry clothes? The answer to that isn’t a guaranteed yes or no. Cardigans, on the other hand, would help us adjust to either the hot or cold weather. Owning cardigans has allowed me to wear them in both cold or hot weather.

The trend in cardigans have evolved from being more tight around the body to being more loose and slightly shorter in length. Cardigans have slowly come up in the current trend, after many methods of crocheting them have become more known.

Pastel colored cardigans are being spotted everywhere! A softer tone in color, gives you flexibility in what to pair it with. Not only that, but cardigans with a softer tone have introduced the concept of just wearing the cardigan as a button up shirt. This does introduce some form of convenience, with people using cardigans as a form of a shirt that pairs well with any type of pants.

You can elevate your outfit with a simple cardigan. Anything from casual dresses to just plain jeans, cardigans can become a good complement in an outfit. When wearing loose bottoms, the current trend suggests that there should be a somewhat tighter top that is worn, or it can be worn just as a button up.

Most cardigans do consist of softer fabric, which allows for people to experience comfort in their everyday clothes. The cold weather is already here, so might as well buy a cardigan soon!

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