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F&R Presents: "In the Shadow of the Street Lamp"

By: Amana Bhumitra, Emily Ho, & Oura Miyazaki

In the Shadow of the Street Lamp is BU’s upcoming fashion show hosted by F&R. Inspired by femme fatale and dark film noir, our designers will be featuring their own interpretations of these themes through unique color-blocking and monochrome styles. . Our models will embody avant-garde silouettes and will be dressed in a black, white, gray, and red palette. Come watch the catwalk to immerse yourselves in a bold yet mysterious mood.

The show will be taking place on Saturday, April 16th from 4-6 PM in the GSU Metcalf ballroom. The dress code is semi-formal so this is the perfect opportunity to dress up and go out with your friends! Tickets are $10 for BU students and $15 for non-BU students and can be purchased here.

Upon entering the event, you and your friends can walk the red carpet for pictures. Get camera-ready and present your look to our photographers. We will also be serving delicious mocktails and pastries upon your arrival. Furthermore, the show is sponsored by Kendra Scott, a fashion jewelry brand from Austin, Texas, who will be offering an open trunk with products that you can check out and buy during the event.

To get a brief introduction to the world of In the Shadow of the Street Lamp, you can view our trailer for the show here. If you are stuck on what to wear, below you can also find some on-theme inspo or check out our latest article with lots of dresses to choose from. We are excited to see you there!

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