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18 Last-minute Halloween Costumes

By Amana Bhumitra


As much as I love Halloween, I often procrastinate on my costume and have a limited budget. If

you are still mulling over your costume decision for this year, look no further. Here are some

costume ideas that can easily be replicated with things found around the house. Some ideas can

even be put together right before the party!


This first category is a couple of classics that you can get creative with. Firstly, a witch.

You can go really simple with a little black dress or an all-black outfit. I have been loving red

witch hats recently so you can really do this with any colour. You can even take it one step

further and draw inspiration from the 2016 film, The Love Witch.

The second idea is a siren/mermaid. With the new Little Mermaid film, this costume could not be more appropriate this season. I love some of the inspiration I have been seeing. A really easy way to do this is to use a fishnet as a stencil for holographic/glittery highlights for your makeup look. The outfit is up to you and gives you a great opportunity to show off your creativity.

Greek goddess is always a reliable option, but to elevate your look, you can draw inspiration from Medusa costumes and go for specific Greek goddesses. It makes for a very fun group costume, and you can even make them together.

An all-time college favorite is the cowgirl costume, and with the release of the Barbie

movie, you can bet you are going to see Cowgirl Barbie. If you already have a cowboy hat, you are all set. But those of you looking to take it a step further, you can be any of the barbies, like pregnant Barbie or weird Barbie. It can also be the perfect group costume.

Another classic is Emma Stone in Easy A. This look is really easy: you just have to put a red A on your top, and everyone will get the reference.

New movie inspired

Going off some more recent movies, Bottoms recently came out and is another great group costume idea. All of the outfits are super re-creatable and are things you might already own. If not, you can easily thrift these fits at your local thrift store.

With a December 15, 2023 release date, the new Wonka film is the perfect opportunity for a low-budget solo costume. With just some white clout goggles, a long red coat, and some gloves, your costume is easily identifiable. You can always add more to get as realistic as you’d like.

Maxine from the A24 Film, X, is a really good option for a super quick and easy costume you can do the day of. All you need is some overalls and a red bandana.

Disney Throwbacks

My go-to almost every Halloween is to look back at some of my favorite Disney movies. The princess costume is always a solid option, but taking it one step further, these two movies are great options for a solo or duo costume. The Princess Diaries costume is easy and affordable.

The Princess Protection film starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato is an absolute classic and a great duo costume. However, it may be harder to thrift or find the princess costumes in your closet 1 hour before the party.

Cadet Kelly, starring Hillary Duff, is a really good option. An all-pink outfit with pink camo pants and a black belt is definitely very doable.

Cruella is a fun option for those who love getting very creative. The film features many different looks, and you can pick your favorite to replicate depending on how elaborate you desire.

The film, Tron, seems very difficult to replicate exactly if you are up for the challenge. You could also simply line a black jumpsuit with glowsticks. I have been seeing lots of Eve from Wall-E costumes and this is a more unique alternative to the alien/futuristic costumes.

Horror Movies

Goodnight Mommy, an Austrian horror film from 2014, follows the plot of two young boys and their mother who just underwent reconstructive face surgery. This costume is super easy to do and a little more niche than a mummy costume.

These next are for those who want a horror movie reference but don’t want to spend a cent and have no time to make anything. Tess, played by Georgina Campbell in the film Barbarian is a very simple costume with things you can no doubt put together from your current wardrobe. All you need is a white button-up, jeans, a belt, and a flashlight.

Raw is perfect for a group if you want to wear all-white with fake blood splatters. You can also do it solo. It is a really great costume for someone who is not the most excited about dressing up for Halloween.

The Orphan is a really simple solo costume, you just need a black ribbon/choker and a schoolgirl outfit.

Last but not least, the iconic Paris Hilton starred in a remake of the House of Wax in 2005. If you love popular culture but still want something that no one else will be, this is the perfect option for you. This is definitely my favorite on the list, and may even be my Halloween costume because it is so simple.

These horror movie costumes are super simple and easy for those who may not want to participate in the theatrics of Halloween. I hope you can draw some inspiration from these ideas for your costume this year. Have a fun and safe Halloween!


Amana Bhumitra is a student writer for Boston University Fashion and Retail Association. She is a senior, studying sociology and music.

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