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Trends of Clean Fit

By Evelyne Jianing Tian


Background of Clean Fit Aesthetic

In a world increasingly cluttered with information and visual stimuli, a "clean fit aesthetic" has quietly emerged like a breath of fresh air. Characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and purposeful design, this aesthetic has gained immense traction in every creative field, from dressing styles to interiors, and even in our lifestyles and well-being. The Simplicity ensemble aesthetic offers a compelling antidote to the beauty of simplicity.

At the heart of the minimalist aesthetic is the principle of organization. This principle emphasizes the removal of unnecessary elements, leaving only what is necessary. In design, this means removing superfluous decoration and focusing on the core message or function. This lifestyle encourages us to streamline our choices and emphasize quality over quantity. By de-cluttering, our visual and experiential landscapes become clear and direct, allowing us to appreciate and understand the essential elements. As the 19th-century artist John Ruskin put it, “Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness.”

Why has “Clean Fit Aesthetic” become so popular?

In the information age, when we wake up every day, the first thing we do is open our cell phones to check the latest news and trends. Text messages and emails from subscription brands pop up all over the place, fueling our inner desires. Then, our own angelic and demonic souls torture each other, finally deciding to place an order to cash in on the pleasure, enjoying it and then regretting it over and over again. As the number of people who suffer from this problem grows, a more restrained, streamlined, efficient, and sustainable lifestyle is being promoted, i.e. “clean eating,” “clean beauty,” and “clean fit.”

The core of “Clean Fit Aesthetic” in outfits

“Less is more” is the core of Clean Fit, which emphasizes the fit, cut, and texture of the clothes. Compared to Y2K and Balletcore, it is a more suitable form for our daily wear. This kind of seemingly loose and casual wear, in fact, everything follows the inner order and sense of ceremony.

2 aspects that make up “Clean Fit” style:

The first and most critical is visually clean and comfortable, and the colors of this kind of wear are usually basic colors: black, white, and grey with each other.

There are colors if they are of low saturation. Bright colors sometimes make people feel overwhelmed. Khaki, beige, and blue belong to the saturation of the color that is relatively low will help make the overall look more refreshing.

Also, in terms of fit, unlike the skinny pieces that are so popular nowadays, the clean-fit pursues a tailored fit that is as generous and decent on the body as if it was specifically tailored. Shirts, suit pants, and blazers are common items in a Clean fit outfit, and when combined with other basics, they can look stylish for years to come.

“Clean Fit” Inspirations from Runway of 2023 Fashion Weeks

Silhouette suits have also become a popular item for major brands in major shows this year. Recently, FEAR OF GOD has changed its casual and sporty style and adopted a lot of shoulder-padded suits in its clothing design.

The Row's philosophy of "tailored clothing" is almost identical to that of Clean Fit, as the brand's founders wanted each wearer to have customized comfort. The Row's new season continues this philosophy, with tailored silhouettes and solid fabrics that are tailored to the body line.

As the originator of minimalism, Jil Sander has always adhered to the principles of modernism and practicality regardless of trends, creating pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Jil Sander has redefined womenswear by challenging the gender binary and returning to the silhouette of the garment itself with clean cuts.

Clean Fit Clothing Brands:

Jil Sander

Frankie Shop

Flippa K

Helmut Lang

Ralph Lauren




Note: Due to the exquisite cuts and high-quality fabrics, Clean Fit brand clothing tends not to be cheap. Happily, these brands hold sample sales and other promotions several times a year. For COS, we can also get a 10% student discount through Student Beans. We can also keep an eye on websites such as Poshmark, Depop, and Mercari for brand-new pre-owned apparel but at a much lower price, which is also a great budget-saving option.


Clean Fit has not been without its share of controversy on the internet, with some voices arguing that it's merely a rehash of the minimalist style that has been in vogue for the past couple of years. However, the answer to this question is a resounding "yes." Clean fit does indeed share the same spiritual core as minimalism, prioritizing comfort and the celebration of individuality over mindlessly following passing trends. It's not about reducing fashion to a formula but rather about seeking a deeper level of spiritual comfort within oneself. In this way, Clean Fit allows clothing to be more than just garments; it enables them to become an authentic expression of self.

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