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Styling Skirts Through the Seasons

By Sara Cigri


As summer ends, so does the warm weather. But that doesn’t mean skirts must also be retired

until next year! Adding skirts to a wardrobe adds a touch of femininity and elegance to one's

style, whether mini, midi, or maxi, no matter what the temperature is outside. A skirt can dress

up or dress down any outfit, but here are some ways I like to form my attire during this dreadful

transition from the sunny high 70s to the breezy low 40s.


I’m a big fan of mini skirts and will suffer the consequences of freezing before adding an extra

layer. Here are some fun ways to style a mini-skirt:

Tube tops/Strapless Bandeau tops: Especially with a low-rise styled bottom, strapless tops give

an inviting ambiance with the tight form-fitting layer contrasted with another small piece: the

skirt. Dress down with a more casual denim skirt or, my favorite, cargo-styled skirt. Depending

on the vibe, pair it with sneakers or my favorite platform, Mary Janes!

An outer layer is fun to play with; denim jackets and oversized or fitted leather jackets all pair

well. Especially with the cold weather in Boston, bundling up is a given. I love an oversized

jacket that has some comfy sherpa-action in there.


When it is chilly, though, the perfect top to pair is...

Sweaters/Knits: Knits are an ideal staple for the fall and winter seasons. I love a good oversized

knit with a more fitting skirt and tights! (fleece-lined tights are essential to make it through the

cold days.) Living my Gilmore Girls era, boots, especially knee-high boots, add to the fall vibe

while adding a chic finish. Cardigans speak fall and can add a formal note, especially with a

plain or patterned skirt!

With said weather, I’d especially reach for a maxi denim skirt, preferably with a slit, and a fitted

leather jacket, definitely brown or red, to add to the Autumn festive spirit.

My all-time favorite is a classic off-the-shoulder moment to bring the best of both worlds: a long

sleeve with some skin.


Sheer and Lace: Layering medium adds to the fun of forming an outfit. Maxi skirts go hand in

hand with a statement top, whether a sheer over-the-shoulder long-sleeve or a coquette-styled

lace cami top. Just Because it's cold doesn't mean skirts must be out of the picture! Maxi skirts

are so versatile with the different styles they can bring. Denim, pleated, floral, you name it.

I love to balance fitted with oversized. If I'm wearing a baggier top, a form-fitting skirt appeals to

me best to contrast the flow of my style.

Playing around with patterning is the fun of it all! Along with the contrasting beauty, you can

make anything a statement piece with more subtle accessories. A bright, colorful sweater tied

with a white maxi skirt, or a black long sleeve contrasted with an embroidered funky bold midi

to accentuate that fun patterning. I love some chunky jewelry, too, and I always reach for a pop

of color with my earrings or necklace to match the rest of my fit.


Patterned tights can easily step up any outfit that may feel dull, and playing around with different

looks, colors, materials, and textures can elevate a look easily.


Red speaks November to me especially.

Stand out with classic red boots or a leather jacket that ties perfectly with a pleated skirt.


Fur is the classic winter medium.

Sherpas, fluffy boots, pom-pom accents, and leg warmers are all life savers in the winter.

Layering will be your best friend, especially when the snow starts to fall.


Although I wish I could wear a mini skirt any day of the week, I can work around the weather to

still bring out my feminine side, whether it’s a sunny day or if a snowstorm is happening right

around the corner.

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