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Ushering in Spring with "Gardenia" — F&R's Successful Spring Fashion Show

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

By: Piper Gilliam and Oura Miyazaki

Boston University’s Fashion and Retail Association held its annual spring fashion show on Saturday, April 1st. The show highlighted the creativity of the organizers and designers, catering more to the club’s fashion aspect than their fall event: a professional panel and networking session to connect members to the retail world.

The theme of this year’s show, inspired by the 2022 Dior Men’s fall collection, was Gardenia, a fitting theme for the beginning of spring. Every aspect of the show — the outfits, hair, makeup, modeling, and production — was all done by BU students. Gardenia was a light and fresh theme, with many floral designs and flowy pieces. Guests interpreted the theme in numerous ways, painting the scene with diverse outfits that ranged from florals, spring slip dresses, chic pants-suits with prominent accessories, and more.

The event goes beyond a fashion show; besides the delicious food, a photo booth, and a photographer, Boston-based retailers and student businesses promoted their profiles through tabling. There was even a live piano performance during intermission.

There was an air of excitement and mystery surrounding the show, as it was the biggest and most ambitious event the club has taken on since COVID. “This year we have more designers, models, and looks than last year, so we are excited to keep growing the event,” F&R President Sophie Bush shared her enthusiasm prior to the show.

“People should come see it because a lot of love and hard work has come from a lot of people to put it together. As president, I could not be more proud of the incredible work the events team has done on this show. I know that it will be an amazing experience!”

The fashion show was an incredible success. Thanks to all the hardworking F&R members, the show was sold out. F&R E-board, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, and other volunteers started their preparation from noon the same day—working hard until the last minute to make the show as wonderful as possible. During the first hour, arriving guests mingled while enjoying neat and tasty sandwiches, sliders, desserts, and refreshers. The beautiful Metcalf Trustee Center boomed with energy and anticipation for the models who were to appear on the catwalk. After the doors to the stage opened, audiences swarmed into the space, trying to secure the best spot possible. Lavish chandeliers amplified the sumptuousness of the space, and music harmonized with the chatters of excited audience members.

Once the music intensified through the speakers, and the first model appeared on stage, everyone in the audience was in absolute awe. Everything—from makeup, hair, and, most importantly, the outfits—was highly professional. Many visitors expressed how impressed they were at both the creativity that was exhibited and the apparent efforts poured into every little detail of the show. Audience members had their phones out, photographic their favorite looks. Cheers roared for the models and designers.

(click on the slider to check out some looks!)

We would like to applaud all the hardworking F&R members, especially the Event Planning Directors Sophia Hudzik, Cecilia Muniz, and Reeya Mathur, as well as President Sophie Bush and VP Tabitha Fortner. Thank you also to all the E-board members, fabulous designers who poured their heart into their designs, as well as the beautiful models who made this show possible. Thank you to the chairs, volunteers, photographers, and others who contributed to the making of this event. And lastly, thank you to all of those who came and supported Gardenia! We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

photos: @eyeofwilliam, @sz_darkroom, @matthew_eadie

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