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Everyone is Different: Alessandro Michele's Message in Twinsburg

By: Liv Tilzey

For the Milan Runway, Alessandro Michele inspired his viewers with the Gucci Twinsburg Collection. Michele created the line to portray themes of reflection and individuality and had identical twins model powerful garments and accessories to illustrate the meaning behind the show. Models walked on two separate runways in matching outfits, demonstrating “a fascination for asymmetrical reciprocity.” At the end of the show, the 68 sets of twins met in the middle and reunited for the final walk-through, bringing guests to tears.

Apart from the runway models, Gucci also included duality portraits created by Mark Peckmezian that were presented in the background while the models walked through. The portraits include a variety of models and show multiple images of each model to symbolize what they believe to be a reflection of reality and symmetry. Gucci includes in their statement about the collection, “symmetry is sought and seen when it is not there. Existence is not defined by the visible world and it is shaded and nuanced by that which lies in the spaces between”.

The purpose of Gucci Twinsburg was for Alessandro Michele to give a tribute to his two mothers. Michele was raised by his mother and her twin sister, and describes them as “two extraordinary women who made their twinship the ultimate seal of their existence.” Michele admires his two mothers and wanted to show his appreciation for their inspiration and support. Gucci summarizes that the fashion show represented everything about Michel’s life, but allowed viewers to create their own perspectives on what the show meant to them.

There were many well-known guests who attended the show in exclusive and unique outfits. Guests include Julia Garner, Chiara Ferragni, Jessica, Damiano, and Fabio D’Innocenzo, along with many others. Damiano and Fabio had an extraordinary twin moment in contrasting patterns to capture Michele’s theme of individuality and exploring your inner self.

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