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Making Work Fashionable with VERDE Scrubs

By Julianna Tramposch


VERDE is a fashion and lifestyle label that seeks to revolutionize the “uniform of daily life.” Tailored to young professionals in the healthcare industry, the company is dedicated to helping emerging professionals look and feel their best as they tackle everyday, real-life challenges. Blending American sportswear with a technical design element, VERDE creates attire for both the on-call employees and the off-call human being. With VERDE, fashion is no longer a barrier in the workplace.

As society’s conscience with fashion and sustainability continues to grow, VERDE pledges a percentage of its profits to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a nonprofit, international advocacy group for environmental justice. VERDE has a mission to enable people to work better, live more responsibly, and reduce environmental impact. This is achieved through products with a timeless design, quality materials, and functional focus. With VERDE, the young adult workforce can build the essential wardrobe: a wardrobe full of high-quality and slow-fashion pieces.

This fashion label was launched in April of 2022 by three founders: Scott White, Tony Ngo, and Hai Ngo. Scott White, who is responsible for VERDE’s merchandising, is a retail executive with expertise in buying, planning, and inventory management within luxury brands. Tony Ngo, the face behind VERDE’s creative efforts, was the head of menswear at Coach fashion house and has notable success in designing U.S. and international magazine covers. Hai Ngo, who specializes in operations, is a digital specialist with vast knowledge in technology strategy applied to retail. As a novel company with a plethora of expertise, VERDE has the potential and capability to use their fashion for good.

VERDE’s aesthetic explores this unique intersection of contemporary culture and uniforms. Many can view their label as medical streetwear, with technology that elevates comfort for endurance, and with sustainable materials. Let’s take a peek at VERDE’s Lookbook, which includes scrub tops, pants, jackets, and accessories.

In the realm of scrub tops, there are crew neck scrubs or V-neck scrubs, as well as underscrubs that come in long sleeve or short sleeve. All tops are available in four colors: VERDE Green, Black, Admiral Blue, and Sky Blue. Scrub price points range from $55 - $60 USD.

As to jackets, there are scrub jackets, lab coats, utility jackets, and lab jackets. While the jackets come in the same four colors, the lab garments are available in Black or White. Jacket price points range from $165 - $200 USD, with the exception of the Lab Coat Plus. This cashmere lined, oversized, lab coat retails for $1,850 USD.

For pants, there are utility joggers, standard pants, and cargo pants. All styles come in the four aforementioned signature colors, and price points range from $105 - $115 USD. Finally, accessories of VERDE include a commuter bag, a backpack, and a speed belt. These accessories range from $20 - $165 USD.

The word “Verde” means “Green” in the Spanish language. The color green is known to symbolize vitality, freshness, growth, health, wealth, and youthfulness. Like the name itself, VERDE is environmentally focused, with high aspirations. It is a fashion label that is meticulously designed to help healthcare workers save lives. Rethink your uniform for daily life at .

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