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Five Ways to be More Sustainable

By: Arisha Kasam

Over the last two decades, people have been able to buy more clothes because of the drop in prices. This sounds like great news until you realize the dark reasons why: Clothes have become so cheap because of inhumane working conditions.

So, what can we do as consumers? Though it is challenging to be completely sustainable, here are five ways we can lessen our negative impact on the planet while still looking fashionable!

1. Buy clothes from sustainable brands

Buying from sustainable brands can be expensive but oftentimes worth it. The quality is better and they last longer. Brands like Reformation and Foundationals offer high-quality and sustainable clothing. Yes, you will pay more for sustainable clothing than fast fashion but we all know that fast fashion comes with grave consequences, including extreme pollution, waste, and unethical exploitation of workers and animals. If more of us demand sustainable clothing, it can become more and more accessible. Spread the word and each of us can start with small items!

2. Buying from second-hand stores

Buying second-hand and thrifting have become popular in the last few years. There are so many options online, one being ThredUp. Not only are you helping the environment by shopping second hand you are also able to wear unique pieces.

3. Basic pieces

Instead of buying a statement piece that you are only going to wear once it is better to buy basic pieces you will always wear. Pick versatile pieces that you can style in multiple ways rather than something that will quickly go out of fashion. Try picking pieces you know you will wear more than 30 times, such as T-shirts/button-down shirts in neutral colors and staple jeans.

4. Think twice before throwing out your clothes

If something rips or breaks you don't have to throw it out. Instead, you can try to repair it yourself or take it to a tailor. If you give clothes to charity or put them in recycling, there are more chances that they will be given a new life rather than simply being thrown out into the trash. Many also have the technique to upcycle damaged clothing, polishing them up with creative designs.

5. Swap with friends and family

If you really want to get rid of clothes, consider giving them to friends or family. Exchanging clothes with friends and family is an easy and sustainable way to obtain new clothes without wasting your old ones.

I hope this article inspired you to take simple steps for sustainable fashion! Tag @bufashionandretail on Instagram to show off your style!

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