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Spend the Day on Beacon Hill’s Charles Street

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

By: Julianna Tramposch

Beacon Hill is one of the most historic and charming sections of Boston, Massachusetts. For geographical reference, Beacon Hill is right next to Boston Common. BU Fashion and Retail presents to you, a guide of places to visit as you spend a beautiful day on Charles Street in Beacon Hill. A majority of the retail stores in this district follow a preppy style.

Benefit Cosmetics Boutique and Brow Bar

31 Charles St

Benefit is a go-to store on Charles Street for women who need any beauty services such as a brow wax or thread, tanning, or a makeup application. It also offers trendy and high quality cosmetics such as bronzer, blush, eyebrow pencils, lip gloss, foundation, and more. This Benefit is also less crowded in comparison to their Newbury Street location.

Holiday Boutique

53 Charles St

Holiday Boutique, like the name suggests, is a boutique filled with heartfelt gifts you can buy for family and friends. They have clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, candles, purses, cups, stuffed animals, photo frames, and more. This boutique is very versatile since they have gifts for all ages. Their inventory varies by season and holiday.

East Coast Ivy Boutique

88 Charles St

East Coast Ivy Boutique sells women’s clothing, swimsuits, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. This store should definitely be on your list, especially if you like trendy clothes and supporting small, local, stores. East Coast Ivy has many sought after brands such as Wildfox, Vintage Havana and Hidden Jeans.


109 Charles St

Covet is a vintage boutique and consignment store. It uses the phrase “pre-loved” as one of its major characteristics. Covet is a very successful chain and has many other locations throughout Boston and Massachusetts; They have a location in Southie and even in Nantucket. Covet has high-end brands, such as Alice & Olivia, but for a lesser price since it was pre-owned. All of their clothes are clean and chic.

Crush Boutique

138 Charles St

Crush Boutique sells women contemporary fashion pieces. They have a range of outfits from everyday clothing to elegant cocktail dresses. Crush has been featured in Magazines like InStyle and GlamourUK. This boutique is considered higher end.


70 Charles St

End your shopping day at Tatte Bakery & Cafe. Tatte is famous in Boston, and has many locations with one on Charles Street. Brunchin’ is one of the biggest Boston Aesthetics there is! As well as delicious coffee and pastries, Tatte also sells merchandise. Everybody can use a “BRUNCH” or “I like you a latte… tatte” sweatshirt in their wardrobe for those casual, dress-down days.

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