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Accessories to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

By: Emily Ho

The best winter looks are all in the details. Because puffers or boots often become the main concern when putting together a winter outfit, those last final touches – the accessories - often get overlooked. Winter accessories add that extra touch to an outfit and create a more intricate and cohesive look. Dressing for both warmth and style is another challenge, but with these accessories you don’t have to sacrifice either. Below is a list of staple winter accessories you can add to almost every look as well as some of my favorite pieces styled.

Hope this guide offers you some winter inspo, stay warm out there!

1. Gloves

Keeping your hands protected from the icy weather is essential in the winter, so you might as well make them stylish. Whether that be mittens, gloves, fingerless gloves, or hand warmers – each option will take your outfit to the next level. You can also play around with textures (i.e. leather, knits, fur, wool), patterns, and colors. I have really been loving the crochet hand warmers because they look cute layered underneath sleeves and you can still use your phone without taking them off.

2. Headwear

These winter toppers are easy to add to any outfit and help you fight the cold weather. They also come in a variety of styles: bucket hats, beanies, ear muffs, berets, and headbands. I have been really loving adding ear muffs or a thick headband to my outfits. Amazon has a great ear muff selection and Stussy has some cute headband options to check out.

3. Scarves

Scarves are another staple in winter. They are both a timeless and functional piece. Below you can see the huge chunky scarf trend (i.e. Loewe, Acne Studios) that have been popular this season. The crochet and knitted scarves have been another trending item this season, adding texture and color to your outfit (you can find amazing ones on Depop).

4. Leg warmers + tights

On a going out night or those days when you want to wear a skirt or dress in the winter, tights and leg warmers will help to keep you warm. Tights have always been popular during the winter time but leg warmers have become another more trendy choice this season. (A tip: if you want to try out the trend but don’t want to spend more than a couple bucks, you can cut the sleeves off of an old sweater or even thrift one at your local shop). Tights are also great for layering underneath pants and jeans to stay warmer. Here is some of my favorite inspo (I have been really loving the patten tights for a fun going out look)

5. Cross body bag

Shoulder bags are a pain in the winter and never stay on your shoulder. Cross body bags are a practical solution to being hands free. You can also layer these on top of any large puffer or wool coat without looking bulky. My bag from LeSportsac has been my favorite for running errands this winter. ThredUp and Depop also have good ones!

6. Tinted sunglasses

A trendier accessory this season has been these tinted or even transparent goggle style glasses, which add protection and a pop of color to your face. The ones from Lexxola (red and white frames) have been a popular option this season but you can find these on almost any retail site.

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