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7 Small Businesses on Depop You Should Check Out

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

by: Amana Bhumitra

Depop is a great way to sell and buy secondhand clothing which can be a great alternative to fast fashion. Small business owners with their own brands have also begun selling on Depop. I reached out to a few shop owners with really fun and unique brands all in different price ranges and categories and put together a list of my current season's favorites. Click on the images to be directed to the shop links!

1. @mimisjewelrybox

This first shop was started by Noemi Mozqueda. She is 16 and from Southern California. Beaded necklaces are all the rage right now, and Noemi’s shop has a wide variety of handmade unique beaded accessories that are soft pastels colours. If you are looking for a way to add some trendy jewelry but don’t want to have super bright colours, this is a great shop. The price range of the shop is $20 - $25. Noemi describes her work as “statement pieces that stand out and add some color to outfits.” Inspired from her childhood, owning her own store has always been a dream. Depop can be a really great tool for those who want to start their own business but don’t know-how and has many great small businesses like Noemi’s.

2. @eugeansjewelry

This Depop shops creates beautiful and unique accessories. I personally own three of her necklaces that are made from old watches. Eugena Lee lives in Los Angeles, California, and describes her work as “timeless.” She uses a variety of materials such as crystals, beads, and recycled materials to create necklaces, rings, and earrings. Ute Decker is an inspirational designer to Eugena because she is an advocate for recycled materials in her work. The price range is $15 - $55 which makes it quite affordable for a handmade statement piece. She began her small business to honor the memory of an important person to her that owned a jewelry shop in Italy. Unfortunately, she passed away two years ago and Eugena donates a portion of her proceeds to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in remembrance. Eugena chose Depop as her platform as it is considered an eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion with an emphasis on sustainability. Eugena’s shop opened in June of 2020 and quickly became a top seller for Depop by January 2021.

3. @byellenwithlove

Moving onto clothing, @byellenwithlove on Depop is a small business with flattering patterns. Her clothes are very trendy and are all handmade! The price range is about $30-$200. This relatively new brand has very cute sets that can be styled in a variety of ways.

4. @dsparkman

@dsparkman is a very in style shop that sells handmade crotched items by Destiny Sparkman. Her work has a twist on the average crochet Depop store. I think her patterns are fun and more affordable than others I’ve seen. A few items are on sale at her store currently for as low as $5. Her price ranges from $20 - $50.

5. @kezmadeit

KMI Studios is a small business that uses tulle to create everything from scunrchies to dresses. It is a rare shop as tulle is essentially the main material used to create these fun pieces. Located in London, England with worldwide shipping these prices range from £5 - £70. Kez also offers custom orders. KMI Studios recently had a collaboration with the brand Ganni which features romantic faux collars.

6. @romaticblue

This fun baby tee shop offers a variety of screen printed graphics that will spice up your everyday look. This shop is more college affordable, offering tees for $20 - $35.

7. @plasticgirl1

Lastly, this shop also has adorable screen-printed baby tees with its very own designs. However, this shop is great for those who want to support sustainably and ethically made products. Subsequently, it is more expensive with most of the baby tees costing around $30.

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