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North Face Puffer Jacket Alternatives for Less

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

By: Alexis Park

You don’t need a North Face jacket to rock the streets. North Face jackets have been in people’s top lists of future purchases when starting their retail therapy. While people may seem happy with their purchase, their wallets aren’t. So, let's find an alternative where both sides can be satisfied.

1. Zara

Lately, Zara has been the hub for most of the clothes used on Pinterest.Simple, yet trendy, Zara provides clothes that fit the latest aesthetic. With the option of choosing long or short puffer jackets, Zara provides to prepare you for the cold. The price range is cheaper in comparison to North Face’s 280 dollar puffer. Pictured down below, this is one of the many options that Zara has for puffer jackets. The material seems to be compatible with the current winter weather and the price is $59.90.

2. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is another alternative brand for puffer jackets. Uniqlo’s puffer jackets are made from waterproof material and prices seem to range from $40-80. Uniqlo also recycles material from clothes that have been donated. So, if you buy a puffer jacket from here, you are not only spicing up your closet, but also you are supporting a good cause. Three color options are available for the pictured jacket, but there are other options on their website.

3. Cotton On

It seems like Cotton On has been catching up on the trend. Their Mother Puffer Jacket, as pictured, seems to be close enough to the North Face jackets everyone wears. They offer two colors brown and black that fit in with the color pallete. Cotton On has similar options for their puffer jackets, instead prices seem to be much lower. They provide similar options from having different styles of them, from vests to long sleeves. Cheapest prices ranging from $30-40, puffer jackets from Cotton On can be a great alternative.

4. H&M

H&M is the best place to find cheaper alternatives. Not only that, but in comparison to other clothing brands, H&M has more options to choose from. From different colors to different patterns, the only factor to consider is price. H&M seems to offer the second cheapest option. H&M also offers discounts to their members, so others are able to buy clothes for a cheaper price. H&M also follows their message of sustainability by using recycled materials in their products.

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