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How to Plan a Perfect Galentines Day Brunch

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

By: Lilly Katherine Kays

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to throw a good party, and a holiday I never miss celebrating is Galentine’s Day. Not only is it an excuse to wear pink and eat candy, but it gives you the opportunity to gather all your best friends to celebrate your friendships and the fact you survived another year of relationship drama (or lack thereof).

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I am going to tell you just how to plan the perfect Galentine’s Day bash.

First thing’s first. You have to pick a theme. This enables people to dress for the occasion. As for me, I love a good pajama party. This gives people the chance to break out their matching pj sets that they only get to model for their 10-step skincare routine. Pajama sets are such a trend right now, so why not give someone the opportunity to flaunt the fashion. Some of my favorites are the Sleeper Party Pajamas or the Lake Heart Pajamas. These options are a bit boujee, but superb quality that will never go out of style! If you’re balling on a budge, Nasty Gal never disappoints. Their Heart All Over Pajamas or Feather Shorts Set are some great other options.

Now that you have set your theme and everyone knows how to dress the part, it’s time to move on to the most important part of party planning- the food. If you’re doing a pajama party, I would suggest making it brunch style. I mean, who doesn’t love a good mimosa?!? (That is if you’re 21+  ) I would start out with a charcuterie board- you can use a mini heart cookie cutter to cut out some cheeses, as well as add some pink macaroons for dimension. Raspberries and strawberries would add a pop of color and you can fill the rest of the plate with some cracker and nuts. Trader Joe’s is my one-stop-shop for my charcuterie board needs, so I suggest you check it out and get creative with it!

For the main course, I would do some pancakes with heart sprinkles to fit the aesthetic. When your food is pretty and fun it also gives your guests the chance to take some #PhoneEatsFirst pics for Insta- you know we gotta help a sister out with that content… You could also drop some pink or red food dye into the pancake mix to add some extra umph to the meal.

As for drinks, you can grab some orange juice, pink lemonade, or a mixed berry juice to mix with some sparkling cider or champs. You can pour it into some cute glassware and grab some pink straws and let your guests pick what’s best!

When it comes to décor, I think it is time to reveal my best kept secret… Party City does scheduled delivery. They will straight up deliver you a dozen heart shaped, helium-filled balloons to your doorstep, whether you live on-campus or in a building with a doorman (if this is you, I’m jealous). Party City has a whole Valentine’s Day section that you can shop from your sofa. Personally, I’m ordering heart shaped balloons in a variety of colors, balloon letters “X” & “O”, a photo backdrop, paper plates, head bands & heart-shaped glasses for pics, and some hanging garland. Here are some inspo pics to boost your own creativity.

Any well-versed party host knows, no brunch bash is complete without games. We have a few options.

1.Celebrity Crush Charades:

Everyone secretly writes down their celebrity crush on a piece of paper and drops it in a hat. Then split the group into 2 teams. From here, you play like normal charades. You draw a name and try to act out who the person is. If the team gets it correct, they can get a bonus point if they correctly guess whose celebrity crush that is. If they guess incorrectly, the other team gets a chance to guess who the celebrity crush belongs to, to win a point. There may be duplicates because I imagine there would be a few Harry Styles and Michael B. Jordans listed, but I say just roll with it!

2.Family – but make it ~Empowered Women~ edition:

There’s no better way to celebrate Galentine’s day than highlighting some of the world’s most empowered women. The concept behind the game of Family is that everyone writes down a secret name (in this case the name of a popular empowered woman) on a piece of paper and it goes into a hat. This becomes your secret identity. One person reads all the names out. This is the ONLY time you will hear all the names listed. You do not know who wrote what name, so the goal is to guess people’s secret identities. One person starts and they can ask anyone in the group “Are you ___” insert one of the names listed. If that person say no, then that person gets to ask someone else “Are you ____” insert another name/or the same identity that was just guessed. If that person says “yes” they become part of your family. Together, you team up and try to guess who wrote what name, while protecting the identity of the leader. It seems easy, but in reality, you forget all the names that were read off at the beginning of the game. The game keeps going until there are 2 families, each trying to remember and guess the secret name of the other family head. The last player whose name has not been guessed/remembers is the winner of the round.

I guarantee these games will have you dying of laughter, and you won’t be left feeling played!

I hope this has given you some great ideas for your upcoming Galentine’s Day bash. There is nothing better than celebrating life with your old and new friends. As Miss Carrie Bradshaw once said, “They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.”

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