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10 Winter Micro Trends & Where to Find Them for Less

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

by: Amana Bhumitra

Harpers Bazaar predicted 10 new microtrends for this winter season that embrace color, prints, and maximalism. I went through these trends and found some possible new additions for your wardrobe in different budgets.

1. Geometric Patters

These fun maximalist patterns look great with a neutral-toned jacket and bring life to your closet. The first sweater, designed by Dries Van Norten, is a great neutral toned option. However, if you don't want to break your bank, a more affordable option from Mango is a great replacement!

2. Color Clashing

This winter, pairing colors that normally wouldn’t be paired together are the way to go. This microtrend seems to be inspired by the surge of neon and bright colors worn by social media influencers. The outfit from Acne Studios, is one of my favorite looks from their collection. However, it is expensive and the matching red cardigan retails for $650. If you want to replicate the look you could opt for the dress on the right from Zara and pair it with a bright red sweater for the same effect.

3. Layering

Chanel’s haute couture Winter 2021 collection featured a dress and Capri pant combination. With capri pants seemingly making a comeback, shift dresses are a great way to layer pants and dresses to easily incorporate this microtrend into your closet. This shift dress from Anthropologie has a fun pattern with a silhouette that would complement layering with capri pants.

4. Ski Attire

The ski resort apparel microtrend may be my personal favorite because it emphasizes warmth and comfort. However, this look can be quite costly. Moncler is a very popular luxury winter brand with lots of oversized ski jackets. Fortunately, there are ways to accomplish this look for cheaper. The jacquard sweater is a staple piece for the ski attire aesthetic and can be found virtually anywhere. This sweater from Mango looks timeless and chic without costing you a fortune.

5. Everything Leather

Leather pieces are timeless which makes this microtrend is easy to participate. Adding a piece to your wardrobe that will most likely transcend one season and can be found in multiple styles, makes this microtrend a smart investment. On the left, this leather jumpsuit designed by DREA is a unique piece that perfectly fits this microtrend. A more affordable option is the Calvin Klein leather shirt that is currently on sale. I think this is option is more versatile than the jumpsuit, as well as budget-friendly.

6. Long Gloves

Separate from the everything leather microtrend, long leather gloves have been seen throughout various Winter 2021 collections. These Carolina Amato leather gloves, pictured on the left, are gorgeous and can be styled in a variety of ways. A more affordable option would be these long velvet black gloves from Urban Outfitters. You can achieve the same look at a fraction of the price!

7. Casual Sparkles

A pop of glitter in a casual setting is the perfect holiday look. These tops can be worn down or dressed up. However, this microtrend focuses on the contrast between fancy and casual. These tops would look amazing with jeans for an elevated daytime look. Saks Potts is a great brand for everything sparkly. However, the price tag is not for everyone. Misguided has this shirt that can give the same effect for only $20!

8. Fur

Fur is always a staple for the wintertime which makes this microtrend more timeless than others. This Jonathan Simaki sherpa jacket, pictured on the left, is cute yet expensive. Fur can be quite unaffordable, but shearling coats are a great option to still look trendy and stay warm. Forever 21 has this longer shearling coat for cheaper.

9. Incognito Mode

Dubbed by Harper’s Bazaar, “Incognito Mode” refers to Kanye West’s sleepaway camp style that he wore leading up to the release of his new album, Donda. Similar to the oversized clothing trend, this style includes oversized hoodies, ski suits, and hoods. The navy Balenciaga shirt is a great oversized shirt, however, it is quite expensive. The Super Puff jacket from Aritzia has formed a cult following since its release a few years ago. Since then, they have released multiple styles and colours. The large hood perfectly exemplifies this microtrend.

10. Sheer

Although it may not seem warm, sheer layers are coming in hot. Sheer clothes can easily be thrown on to elevate an outfit. This long black sheer skirt could be paired with warm tights. On the right, this white sheer button-up is used as an accessory to make the outfit chic and effortless.

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